TIMELY JEWELS {Unique Handmade Jewelry}

Beaded & Fiber Necklaces

by Timely Jewels

Beaded Necklace N1602




Russian Jade, Serpentine and Aventurine beads hand-crocheted on fine silk. Hand-wrought copper clasp. 16" long. Adjustable.

Beaded Necklace N1606




African bone beads, hand-wrought copper, glass, hand-crocheted silk. 15" long.

Beaded Necklace N136


Approx. 16" Long


Fabulous Agate free-form slabs and A-grade Amethyst nuggets wire-wrapped necklace.

Beaded Necklace N138




Recycled glass and exotic seeds, silk and copper necklace.

Beaded Necklace SBN321


Approx. 70" Long


Pale Jade beads hand-crocheted into bonded silk chain. Removable clasp. Can be worn long, short or layered.

Beaded Necklace SBN356




Botswana Agate and recycled glass beads on hand-crocheted silk fiber.

Beaded Necklace SBN377


Approx. 16" Long


Fold-formed copper pendant, oxidized, with fused glass accent, on hand-woven beaded and hand-crocheted fiber choker necklace. Hook clasp.

Fiber Necklace TN205


Approx. 16" Long


Peruvian blue Opal nuggets on hand-crocheted silk fiber choker necklace. Hook clasp.

Beaded Necklace SBN397


Approx. 30" Long


Natural Turquoise nuggets and Japanese Raku beads necklace. Hand-wrought removable clasp.

Fiber Necklace TN190


Approx. 86" Long


Natural Tibetan Turquoise nuggets on endless silk chain. Can be worn long, layered or as a choker ("S" hook included). Add a pendant for yet another look. Let your imagination soar!

Jewelry is one of the oldest forms of body adornment. Showing ones status was the earliest intent. Today’s growing demand for artistic jewelry, where design and creativity is valued above material worth, should be noted.

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