TIMELY JEWELS {Unique Handmade Jewelry}

Stone Necklaces

by Timely Jewels

Stone Necklace N1601




Pyrite nuggets, Chrysoprase, Agate, oxidized copper necklace. Approximately 24" long.

Stone Necklace N1603




Magnesite "Turquoise", hand-crocheted silk, antique copper chain necklace. Approx. 17" long.

Stone Necklace N1604




"Eagle Eye" Agate on oxidized copper, handmade African clay beads from Mali necklace. Can be worn long(30")or short(17").

Stone Necklace SBN373


Three Strands: 19"-21"


Multi green gemstones necklace: Prehnite, Turquoise, Jade, Serpentine and Aventurine hand-crocheted with silk fiber. Hook clasp.

Stone Necklace SBN358


Approx. 16" Long


Montana Agate and Kyanite, Jasper and copper. Front closure.

Stone Necklace N154




"Thunder Egg" slice, wood, bone, Jasper, Turquoise, copper.

Stone Necklace N155


Wear It Long Or Short

Approx. 32" & 16"

Fabulous Agate slab centerpiece with heavy antiqued copper chain. Front hook closure.

Stone Necklace TN196


Approx. 70" Long


Turquoise and Carnelian "endless" necklace.

Stone Necklace SBN374


Three Strands: 18"-20"


Natural green Turquoise nuggets hand-crocheted with silk fiber necklace. Hook clasp.

Stone Necklace N106


Approx. 16" Long


Turquoise nuggets on antiqued copper chain necklace. Copper clasp.

Stone Necklace SBN380


Approx. 16" Long


Fossilized Nautilus shell on oxidized copper with natural Turquoise nuggets necklace. Hand-forged hook clasp.

Natural gemstones give me inspiration and make my imagination soar. Their lore is endless. Native Americans thought of Turquoise as the “Piece of the Sky, that fell to Earth”.

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